Identificação do grafo de genealogia acadêmica de pesquisadores: Uma abordagem baseada na Plataforma Lattes

Rafael J. P. DamacenoLuciano RossiJesús P. Mena-Chalco

Different academic-scientific knowledge areas have made efforts tocreate databases related to researchers as well as the advisor-advisee relationships. However, most of these databases present problems such as redundancy, absence, and imprecision of information. In this paper, we present analgorithm for the automatic identification of academic genealogical graph. Thecontribution of our work relies on the precision of the hierarchical structure ofacademic advisor-advisee relationships resulting from the algorithm (graph),which facilitates genealogical analysis. As a case study, we prospected morethan 272 thousand Ph.D. researchers registered in the Lattes Platform. Novelcharacteristics on the Brazilian academic genealogy are discussed in detail.

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