Extração de Dados de Conferências a Partir da Web

Cássio Alan GarciaViviane P. Moreira

Choosing the most suitable conference to submit a paper is a taskthat depends on a number of factors including: (i) the topic of the paper needsto be among the topics of interest of the conference; (ii) submission deadlinesneed to be compatible with the necessary time for paper writing; and (iii) thequality or impact of the conference. These factors allied to the existence of thousands of conferences, make the search of the right event very time consuming,especially when researching in a new area. Intending to help researchers findingconferences, this paper presents a method developed to retrieve and extract datafrom conferences web sites. Our method combines the identification of conference URL and deadline extraction. The retrieved data is stored in a databaseto be searched with an online tool. The paper also reports on experiments thatevaluate the quality of the extracted data, focusing on the deadlines.

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