Detecção de Anomalias no Transporte Rodoviário Urbano

Ana Beatriz CruzJoão FerreiraBernardo MonteiroRafaelli CoutinhoFábio PortoEduardo Ogasawara

The constant increase in road traffic jams demands research relatedto urban mobility. These studies model the traffic analysis as a trajectory problem, i.e., from the individualized analysis of vehicles that continuously sendtheir geolocations. Such moving objects function as trajectory sensors and produce large amounts of data. It is possible to observe, however, an absence ofstudies related to spatial-temporal aggregations from trajectories of the urbanvehicles. As a preliminary work on this subject, this paper establishes a baselinefor anomaly identification in urban mobility, which may be found useful for developing new approaches that provide a better comprehension of urban mobilitysystems.

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