Analyzing the Performance of Spatial Indices on Flash Memories using a Flash Simulator

Anderson Chaves CarnielTamires Brito da SilvaKairo Luiz dos Santos BonicenhaRicardo Rodrigues CiferriCristina Dutra de Aguiar Ciferri

Spatial databases improve the spatial query processing by employ-ing spatial indices. Due to the advantages of flash memories over magneticdisks like faster reads and writes, there is a special interest in managing spa-tial indices in these memories. However, many flash memories employ a FlashTranslation Layer that does not provide open access to many important statis-tics, restricting the performance analysis of spatial indices. Flash simulatorsare promising tools to improve the performance analysis of spatial indices. Inthis paper, we analyze the performance of several distinct configurations of spatial indices by using a flash simulator and a real flash-based solid state drive.As a result, we provide correlations between these results to check the accuracyof a flash simulator in the spatial indexing context. In addition, we discuss thepossibility of using a flash simulator as a first step for benchmarking spatial indices. That is, we check if the results provided by a flash simulator can be usedto decrease the number of configurations to be evaluated in real flash memories,reducing the required time of an empirical analysis.

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