BinLPT: A Novel Workload-Aware Loop Scheduler for Irregular Parallel Loops

Pedro Henrique PennaMárcio CastroPatricia PlentzHenrique C. FreitasFrançois BroquedisJean-François Méhaut

Workload-aware loop schedulers were introduced to deliver better performance than classical strategies, but they present limitations on workload estimation, chunk scheduling and integrability with applications. Targeting these challenges, in this work we propose a novel workload-aware loop scheduler that is called BinLPT and it is based on three features. First, it relies on some user-supplied estimation of the workload of the target parallel loop. Second, BinLPT uses a greedy bin packing heuristic to adaptively partition the iteration space in several chunks. The maximum number of chunks to be produced is a parameter that may be fine-tuned. Third, it schedules chunks of iterations using a hybrid scheme based on the LPT rule and on-demand scheduling. We integrated BinLPT in OpenMP, and we evaluated its performance in a large-scale NUMA machine using a synthetic kernel and 3D N-Body Simulations. Our results revealed that BinLPT improves performance over OpenMP's strategies by up to 45.13% and 37.15% in the synthetic and application kernels, respectively.

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