From Formal Results to UML Model - A MDA Tracing Approach

Vinícius PereiraRafael S. DurelliMárcio E. Delamaro

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the de-facto industrial standard for modeling object-oriented software systems. Nevertheless, the UML has some limitations such as: (i) ambiguity, (ii) semantic unclear, and (iii) lack of formal semantics. To deal with this, researchers propose UML transformations for formal models. These models are precise but difficult to be analyzed by people with no knowledge of formalism. This paper describes a model-driven approach which enable traceability of counterexamples from formal results back into UML Model. The traceability is made via a mapping between existing elements in the formal results and the elements present in the UML model. Using our approach, it is feasible to analyze and understand the formal results even without a thorough knowledge of formal methods, and consequently fix the UML model where needed.

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