Avaliação de Desempenho do Serviço de Voz em Redes Corporativas Frame Relay

Walkan BenkendorfPaulo José de Freitas Filho

In this work a real model of corporative Frame Relay network is developed for real time voice and IP transport services, to apply a methodology for performance analysis, in order to find the best tuning for the parameters voice codec and data packet fragment size that shares the network facility. Two experimental designs are done, one of them to find the best tuning for these factors and to understand the effects of the codec's features on the voice service performance, and another to know what is the low speed ITU-T codec which presents the best performance for high network transmission delays. In the first experimental design all Frame Relay's QoS mechanisms are available. In the second one, the fragmentation is disabled, to create uncomfortable levels of transmission delays. In both experimental designs are applied an high traffic load, on the limit of the access link congestion, to check the efficiency of the Frame Relay's QoS mechanisms to the voice service performance.

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