Experience Report and Challenges for Systems-of-Systems Engineering: A Real Case in the Brazilian Defense Domain

Carlos Eduardo de B. PaesValdemar Vicente Graciano NetoFlávio OquendoElisa Yumi Nakagawa

Defense domain is a crucial branch of the government of any countrysince it ensures the national security and supremacy. Hence, it is imperative that the technologies adopted that support their operations must be aligned with the cutting-edge scientific research results and technologies. In particular, software systems play a crucial role in defense domain, since they are usually connected among themselves, forming alliances known as System-of-Systems (SoS). In the last decades, SoS conception has evolved and Brazil has also adopted SoS' development strategies. However, we identified a lack of reports communicating challenges faced and strategies adopted to carry out SoS Engineering (SoSE) in Brazil. In this direction, this paper reports experience, results, and challenges of a real project carried out in Brazilian Department of Defense, particularly in the Navy's context. We report the conception of an SoS named Blue Amazon Management System (SisGAAz), a SoS for Brazil's defense and maritime surveillance.We claim that this report contributes to SoSE since it offers a panoramaof SoS conception in Brazil, representing, as a matter of fact, the state of the art in SoSE for Defense in our country, a paramount artifact for the advance of SoS research.

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