Criteria for Description of MDE Artifacts

Fábio P. BassoToacy C. OliveiraCláudia M. L. WernerValdemar V. Graciano NetoFlávio OquendoElisa Yumi Nakagawa

The large-scale collaboration in Model Driven Engineering(MDE) demands the use of one or more repositories such as GEMOC,ReMoDD and SEMAT, which share artifacts (e.g., models, meta-models,transformations, etc) for global reuse scenarios. While recent researchesmotivated the need of data for decision making from the perspective ofSoftware Ecosystems (SECOs), the cutting edge technologies on this topicmerely classify these artifacts. Likewise, it is important the definition ofcriteria to represent this qualified data with enough semantic potential tosupport reuse of MDE Artifacts globally, which is missed in the literatureof the area. This paper proposes some criteria, thus a small contributionto help on the establishment of a future SECO for MDE.

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