Avaliação de Algoritmos de Escalonamento de Tarefas em Servidores Web Distribuídos

Mário Meireles TeixeiraMarcos José SantanaRegina H. C. Santana

This paper proposes an architecture for the provision of differentiated services at the web server level. The architecture is exercised by means of a simulation model and real web server traces are used as workload. Two classes of users are considered with different priorities. An algorithm for service differentiation has been implemented in the model and the simulation results show the architecture can actually provide a differentiated QoS to its clients even at high loads. The proposed model may be used as a starting point for the construction of either a web server software module or a prototype implemented in hardware. This latter case will enable the provision of QoS closer to the communication infrastructure with a lower consumption of system resources. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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