A Service-Based Architecture for Virtual and Collaborative System of Systems

Rosana T. Vaccare BragaIohan Gonçalves VargasThiago Gottardi

System of Systems (SoS) provide means of integrating independent systemsaiming at achieving goals that could not be accomplished if these systems were executed isolated. Among the several types of SoS identified in the literature, virtual SoS still pose several challenges to be built. By not depending on a central coordinator, virtual SoS are the most robust type of SoS. On the other hand, collaborative SoS presents the advantage of having a well established emergent behavior design, which we intend to combine with the robustness of virtual SoS. Therefore, in this paper we propose a reference architecture to build SoS of a mixed type between virtual and collaborative. We present a prototype we built as a proof of concept of the proposed architecture that employs services for communication among constituents. We also describe how the architecture has been applied for a SoS in the software engineering tool domain. As conclusions, the architecture was successfully applied to implementa mixed-type SoS since its inception. In addition, the developed prototype can be reused for other SoS instances in different domains.

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