Proposta de um Espaço de Coordenação Tridimensional para Sistemas Multiagentes

Márcia Cristina MoraesAntônio Carlos da Rocha Costa

Coordination is a central issue for multi-agent systems and has been broadly studied. However, each research uses a specific nomenclature and most of the times the concepts of coordination, cooperation, competition and negotiation are confused. In this paper, we propose a new method to classify works in coordination, called three-dimensional coordination space. The three dimensions are: styles, techniques and distribution of coordination. The techniques dimension includes one kind of technique, which has not been extensively explored, which is the ability to improvise in order to achieve the aimed style of coordination. The distribution dimension considers aspects of centralization and distribution inside coordination process, something that has not been explicitly considered in works on coordination. An initial evaluation shows that improvisation is implicitly incorporated in coordination works. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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