Gerenciamento dinâmico de buffers em players de vídeo IPTV para melhoria do QoE

Marcos Paulo MendesMarcelo Ferreira Moreno

Due to recent technological evolution, the provision of IPTV services has grown considerably. One of the services nor- mally included in IPTV is Linear TV, where audiovisual contents are made available in the form of program sche- dules. In this context, challenges emerge regarding the dis- tribution of multimedia content over this serevice. One of these challenges is specifically the user's perception about the quality of the IPTV service, measured in terms of qua- lity of experience (QoE). Thus, this article aims to analyze the problems that may occur when receiving content and to propose solutions to these problems. Specifically, due to the congestion of transmission media or overload in the end- points, a key issue is the statistical variation of time delay for multimedia content delivery (packet jitter). This pa- per's proposal comprises a dynamic management of buffers in IPTV terminal devices, taking into account the individual characteristics of Linear TV service, thereby improving the quality of user experience.

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