Towards an Automatic System to Solve a Two-stage Transportation Problem in Triângulo Mineiro

João P. S. FonsecaAlexandre R. SousaMarco V. M. FerreiraRodrigo N. CardosoJosé J. P. Z. S. Tavares

Transportation network design is an important field of supply chainmanagement. The transportation problem objective is to find the way oftransporting homogeneous product from several plants to several destinationsso that the total cost can be minimized. This minimization problem is still anopened related with real transportation cases and it is a suitable field to applyArtificial Intelligence Techniques. This paper proposes a feasibility analysis ofa real case of logistics distribution company that operates in the major citiesof the Triângulo Mineiro area to determinate the distribution network thatsatisfies customers' demands minimizing shipping cost, subject to sources anddistribution centers capacities. A priority-based genetic algorithm wasimplemented to address the transportation network.

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