Graphical Tool to integrate the Prometheus AEOlus methodology and Jason Platform

Rafhael R. CunhaDiana F. AdamattiCléo Z. Billa

Software Engineering (SE) is an area that intends to build high- quality software in a systematic way. However, traditional software engineering techniques and methods do not support the demand for developing Multiagent Systems. Therefore a new subarea has been studied, called Agent Oriented Soft- ware Engineering (AOSE). The AOSE area proposes solutions to issues related to the development of agent oriented systems. There is still no standardiza- tion in this subarea, resulting in several methodologies. Another predominant factor for the instability of this subarea is the limited supporting tools avail- able. The main purpose of this paper is to present an Eclipse plug-in to support Prometheus AEOlus methodology. Additionally, we have created a mechanism that is able to automatically generate code to AgentSpeak language, which is the base language of the Jason platform.

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