Modelagem e Desenvolvimento de um Sistema Inteligente para Planejamento Agropecuário e Ambiental

Lino Carlos Borges

This work proposes the modeling and construction of an expert system to agricultural capability diagnose to environmental management, through intelligent system models (knowledge based system). The modeling and knowledge acquirement of this system, relating the agricultural ability problem to the environmental question in the best possible way, is the main characteristic of originality in this work. The diagnostics modeled in this work are: the type of agricultural aptitude, the recommended culture, the need for fertilizing and correction by limestone of these cultures, and the economical evaluation for the recommended cultures. The implementation was done using CLIPS 6.1/jess and the validation was done with real data obtained in EMBRAPA, IBGE and EMATER-GO. It was chosen the region from part of Rio Araguaia basin because it is an important region in the environmental aspect, the one who has been suffering a great pressure in its ecosystems with agricultural projects without the necessary evaluation of environmental impacts came from those activities. This issue is extremely relevant, because the knowledge systematization from many sources in order to provide a help tool for agricultural and environmental management in a efficient and responsible way, is still an open issue in research. The work also opens perspectives to incorporate others sources of information like satellite images and precision agriculture. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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