An Analysis of Dynamic Strategies during the Lifecycle of Software Ecosystems: The DS-SECO Model

Rodolfo V. C. L de AndradeCarina Frota AlvesGeorge Valença

Software ecosystem (SECO) represents a trend in the softwareindustry, which covers technical, social and business aspects of softwaredevelopment. In a SECO, companies must cooperate and compete to thrive. Inthis context, establishing an effective business strategy is an essential goal during the lifecycle of a SECO. This paper proposes the DS-SECO (Dynamic Strategies for Software Ecosystems) model, which is based on principles from strategy dynamics and the adoption of biological analogies. This model investigates how strategies can be adopted to increase SECO sustainability and generate performance enhancements that will keep the ecosystem healthy. We illustrate the use of DS-SECO model with an analysis of the iPhone SECO.

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