A Systematic Mapping on the Relations between Systems-of-Systems and Software Ecosystems

Helvio Jeronimo JuniorCláudia Werner

Currently, software development organizations have created andmaintained their products and services with different technologies to one ormore software platforms. This scenario involves different actors of one ormore organizations, thus requiring attention for connectivity and dependenceon technical, social and business issues. In this perspective, it has beenrecently suggested that topics of research as Systems-of-Systems and Software Ecosystems represent an effective way to construct large and complex software systems on top of one or more platforms, which are composed by different software products and involve different individuals, groups andorganizations. However, these two topics have been separately investigated.Thus, in this paper we conduct a systematic mapping study aiming to identifythe relations between these topics and support cooperative and collaborativeresearch. The results showed that there is a relationship between Systems-ofSystems and Software Ecosystems as regards to some technical, social andbusiness aspects.

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