A Conceptual Map of Model-Driven Development for Systems-of-Systems

Valdemar Vicente Graciano NetoMilena GuessiLucas Bueno Ruas de OliveiraFlavio OquendoLina GarcésElisa Yumi Nakagawa

SoS development involves difficult and error prone activities relatedto the constituents runtime integration, interoperability configuration, and deployment. A Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach for SoS can automatethe aforementioned activities. However, there is no consensus about whichterminology, tools, or models are more suitable for representing SoS in MDDapproaches. This paper brings to light a conceptual map that exposes the main concepts and relations of MDD approaches for developing SoS. We designed our model with on the top of a systematic literature review. The main contribution of this paper is the presentation of the proposed map to the community, sharing the state-of-the-art about MDD for SoS

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