A Biological Inspiration to Support Emergent Behavior in Systems-of-Systems Development

Valdemar Vicente Graciano NetoElisa Yumi Nakagawa

Systems-of-Systems (SoS) are engineered with pre-existing softwarecalled constituents. SoS development requires a new software engineering endeavor to address the SoS' particularities. Computer science has a tradition in looking for inspiration in biological systems to propose solutions to solve complex problems. Remarkable examples include solutions inspired in ant colonies, swarm of bees, and neural networks. Recent results have been communicated regarding a living cell software-based simulation. In that simulation, the entire life cycle of a living cell is simulated as a function of individual capabilities provided by individual software modules. Those modules simulate the behavior of inner structures of a cell. For cells (or simulated cells) and for SoS, independent parts contribute to deliver a more complex behavior. Then, we investigated how the similarities between SoS and cells structure, and results from cell simulation could foster SoS engineering. This paper presents preliminary results of this research, reporting perceptions we realized between those two research topics,as well as some insights on how both areas could cross-fertilize each other.

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