Um Estudo sobre a Utilização de Mensagens de Depreciação de APIs

Gleison BritoAndré HoraMarco Tulio Valente

When an API evolves, their clients should be updated to benefit from improved interfaces. In order to facilitate this task, APIs should always be deprecated with clear replacement messages. However, in practice, there are evidences that APIs are commonly deprecated without messages. In this paper, we study a set of questions related to the adoption of API deprecation messages. We aim (i) to measure the usage of API deprecation messages and (ii) to investigate whether a tool can be built to recommend such messages. The analysis of 14 real-world software systems shows that methods are frequently deprecated without replacement messages and this problem tends to get worse with the evolution of such systems. As a result, we provide the basis for the design of a tool to support developers on detecting such missing messages.

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