Redocumentando APIs com conhecimento da multidao: um estudo de cobertura da API Swing no Stack Overflow

Fernanda M. DelfimKlerisson V. R. da PaixaoMarcelo de A. Maia

API documentation, when exists, is insufficient to assist developers in their specific tasks. Few people write the API documentation for many potential readers, resulting in the lack of explanations and examples about different scenarios and perspectives. In this paper, we report a feasibility study to use the knowledge generated by the crowd on Stack Overflow for API documentation. The focus is to measure the contribution of the crowd with snippets about elements of an API in answers of how-to-do-it questions, in which the questioner provides a scenario and asks about how to implement it. We found that more than half of the Swing classes are not covered in questions-answers of that type, claiming for new incentive mechanisms for uncovered parts of the API.

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