ActiveSearch Agent: um Agente Pró-ativo para Recuperação de Documentos Similares em Repositórios Digitais

Eduardo F. A. SilvaFrederico B. FernandesJuliano C. B. RabeloFlávia A. Barros

The change in the format of stored digital information in the past decade, from data organized into databases to textual documents available from repositories such as the Internet, Intranets and Digital Libraries increased the dificulty to retrieve relevant data in an efficient way. In order to minor these difficulties, several browsers' plug-ins and standalone applications offer extra functionality, such as search for similar pages. This paper presents the ActiveSearchAgent, a proactive agent for retrieving similar documents to the one being browsed/edited by the user. It accesses different documents bases in the Internet, in Intranets and in local directories. It was devised to process different documents' formats (e.g., HTML, DOC, PS). The retrieval process is on-line, and is based on the document's content. The algorithm used to measure similarity is based on Vector Space model The prototype runs in Windows OS. Preliminary tests demonstrated a very good system's performance with a superiority of 16 percentile points in the precision in relaiton to the GoogleToolbar. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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