A Constructive Evolutionary Approach to Linear Gate Assignment Problems

Alexandre César Muniz de OliveiraLuiz Antonio Nogueira Lorena

We present in this paper an application of the Constructive Genetic Algorithm (CGA) to the Linear Gate Assignment Problem (LGAP). The LGAP happen in very large scaling integration (VLSI) design, and can be described as a problem of assigning a set of circuit nodes (gates) in an optimal sequence, such that the layout area is minimized. The CGA has a number of new features compared to a traditional genetic algorithm. These include a dynamic population size composed of schemata and structures, and the possibility of using heuristics in structure representation and in the fitness function definitions. Computational tests are presented using available instances taken from the literature. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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