Ferramenta DB-LiOS para Avaliação de Reuso de Links em WWW

Enzo SerafimRenata Pontin de Mattos Fortes

The dynamics and flexibility of websites authoring, on the one hand, popularize the Internet usage more and more. On the other hand, they lead easily to inconsistent information. A wrong definition of a hyperlink is enough to users come across with inconsistency and then become "lost in hyperspace". A common procedure used in site development is the reuse of link components, the same source page with one or more links, the same link label in different pages, or several links direct to the same destination page. In general, a site contains a great amount of links forbidding a manual verification of links reuse. In this paper, a tool named DB-LiOS is presented. It was developed to verify the reuse of links automatically, through links extracting and classification processes. Using DB-LiOS, website authors can get an effective aid to evaluate the consistency of links.

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