Um Retrato da Web Brasileira

Eveline A. VelosoEdleno S. de MouraPaulo B. GolgherAltigran S. SilvaRodrigo Barra AlmeidaAlberto H. F. LaenderBerthier Ribeiro-NetoNivio Ziviani

This paper presents a snapshot of the content and structure of the Brazilian Web based on data collected in April 2000. The study was carried out with the help of a page crawler implemented to collect documents of the Brazilian Web (HTML pages, PostScript, PDF, Word and text files). During the collecting process, data related to the organization and structure of the Brazilian Web was stored. We present some important characteristics of the Brazilian Web, such as the average file size, the number of hosts, the average number of links per page, and we estimate the size of the Brazilian Web based on the data collected.

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