Agentes Móveis Aplicados à Integração de Bancos de Dados

Daniela Barreiro ClaroJoaõ Bosco Mangueria Sobral

Currently, many information storage technologies are being developed and used in organizations. However, the existing databases in this organizations can not be thrown away on a short term basis, thus creating a need to integrate various diverse databases using the code mobility. This paper proposes to use the code mobility between the mobile agents technology, in the sense of obtain information retrieval in databases. The use of mobile agents allows the integration of these databases be transparent for the user, since the agent will be the main one responsible for the research of the information stored in these databases. In addition, the mobile agents are also the responsible for the communication with others agents, delegating the responsibility to access the databases to certain determined static agents. It can be foreseen that the use of the mobility code for the integration of the databases will allow significant profits for the organization in terms of costs, performance and integrity of information

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