Concepção, Desenvolvimento e Análise de um Sistema de Gerência de Segurança para Redes de Telecomunicações

Mirela Sechi Moretti AnnoniCarlos Becker Westphall

Safety and security management against frauds and intrusions will be one of the major issues in the next distributed systems generations. A secure system provides protection against errors of untrusted users, while a safe system provides protection against errors of trusted users. This thesis proposes a methodology for the development of a secure and safe management in distributed systems in general, and wireless communication systems in particular. Initially, a formal specification and validation of the distributed security system is presented in order to prove it correctness. Then, it is described on how neural techniques can be employed in the security management of wireless networks against intruders that use mobile phones cloned and subscribed improperly. The results indicate that the 2.5 error rate obtained in the classification of telecommunication users, it is possible to reduce significantly the telecom carrier' losses to several millions dollars. Furthermore, it is showed how CORBA architecture can be used to support and enhance the security of the system. In the implementation, the system guarantees access control, authentication, confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation - and has also the capability to inform the telecom carrier and the victims as soon as the system detects a fraud. This automatic and immediate notification, instead of waiting until the end of monthly bill cycle, will help to reduce loses to the carrier and users. Finally, as an outgrowth of this research a secure application has been developed for On-Line Phone Bill via the Web-server, and in this manner, the users also became able to detect and minimize frauds. The partnership with a telecommunication company1, that provided its data base, it was decisive to get the results by this academic investigation.

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