Gerenciamento Integrado de Modens via SNMP: um Estudo de Caso

Alexandre CervieiriAndré C. NaculJoão C. NetoLizandro Z. GranvilleLuciano C. SilvaLiz Roberto Ulbrich

Managing a computer network involves getting information from many of the network internal resources, like routers, desktops and services. In order to have an integrated management system, all workstations and resources must use a standard communication protocol. Today, SNMP is the default protocol for managing network equipments with TCP/IP support. Following this standard, pool of modems are starting to incorporate management resources based on SNMP, and integrating these pools to the already established management plataform is the main goal of this evolution. This paper presents an architecture for managing pools of modems using HP Openview as the management platform, SNMP as the default protocol, MIB-II and a proprietary MIB as source of data and a specially designed application. The work developed aims to integrate the pools´ management in the same environment that is already used for managing other network resources, through SNMP. The management system presented here was developed under a partnership program established by Informatics Institute of UFRGS and Digitel S/A, a local industry for telecommunications equipments. This software was finished by march 2000, and is now under beta test in many Digitel costumers, as are Telefonica and Tele Centro-Sul.

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