Suporte a Ambientes Virtuais Multiusuario Integrados a Sistemas de Ensino à Distância através do MPEG-4

Simone de AbreuChristmas Meire BressanRegina Borges de AraújoHero G. Tsé

Wit h the increasing demand for virtual courses in the WWW, imposed by users who are atracted to the opportunity of getting a degree or even to get updated in their area, thousand of new virtual courses have emerged in the Web. Distance learning has become one of the greatest potencial application in the Web. However, most of the available courses do not provide experimentation, i.e., simulation environments which lead students to "experience" learned concepts. This is due not only to the limitations of the actual network technology which supports de Internet, but also due to the limitations of existing simulation tools. This paper describes a project - the initial result of a partnership between a public and a private Educational Institution - which aims to build experimentation environments to a virtual course on Embryology. These environments, integrated to a commercial distance learning tool, provide Medicine students opportunit ies to interact with and experience on abstracts concepts learned.

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