Towards the Evaluation of System-of-Systems Software Architectures

Daniel Soares SantosBrauner OliveiraMilena GuessiFlavio OquendoMarcio DelamaroElisa Yumi Nakagawa

Evaluation of software architectures is an important activity to the quality of software systems, as it verifies conformance and completeness of such architecture regarding requirements and goals. In another perspective, Systems-of-Systems (SoS) have emerged as a new class of software systems,which aggregates independent and heterogeneous constituent systems for performing new, emergent capabilities. Likewise, evaluation of SoS softwarearchitectures is also important for ensuring that important quality attributes are met in the SoS. The main contribution of this study is to present current challenges for evaluating SoS software architectures and point out important perspectives of research in that direction. We observe that despite the several proposals for evaluating software architectures of SoS, there is still no consensus on exactly what should be evaluated in such architectures. Moreover, there are several difficulties that need to be overcome.

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