On the Identification of Factors that Promote High-Performance Projects in Distributed Development

Sabrina MarczakMarcelo PerinRafael PrikladnickiChristiano Ayub

As part of a long-term research on high-performance projects in distributed software development, we sought to investigate what leads a project to meet or exceed its expected performance. In this paper we report on the preliminary findings of our qualitative exploratory study. We conducted 11semi-structured interviews in a Fortune 500 IT multinational company that develops software in-house to support its business processes. Participantslisted 7 factors that promote high-performance in their opinion, includingtimely attending the organization's business needs. They also mentioned 5issues related to achieving performance such as having a person mediating the conversation between the business and the IT departments. We present theidentified factors and issues, and discuss their implications to the performance of distributed software development projects.

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