Desafios no Gerenciamento de Conflitos em Projetos de Desenvolvimento Distribuído de Software

João Paulo N. de OliveiraAriádnes N. DantasIvaldir H. de Farias JuniorJefferson F. BarbosaDennis SavioHermano P. de Moura

In the last decades it was observed that major companies around the world started to use the strategy of Distributed Software Development (DSD) as a way of building competitive advantages in the global market. However, managing DSD teams reveals some particularities that should be taken into account. This work in development presents the preliminary results of a systematic literature review of Distributed Software Development (DSD) Conflicts Management. The objective is to collect and systematize reported knowledge in terms of what are the difficulties in managing the conflicts in DSD projects. We found 72 papers between 1998 and 2012. Using the data were systematically extracted from these works, we proposed a set of 11 categorizations as the mainly challenges that impacts the conflicts management in DSD projects. Our desire is that this categorization can support practitioners and researchers to better understand the landscapeof DSD projects challenges so that they can be aware of the mainly difficulties they will face during conflict management activities in a distributed setting.

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