Análise de Abordagens para Interoperabilidade entre Bancos de Dados Relacionais e Bancos de Dados NoSQL

Geomar A. SchreinerDenio DuarteRonaldo dos Santos Mello

Several applications produce and manipulate today a large volume ofdata, known as Big Data. Traditional databases, in particular, Relational Databases(RDBs), are not able to manage Big Data. Because of this, new data modelshave been proposed for manipulating large data sets, with focus on scalabilityand availability. Most of this data models belongs to the so-called NoSQLDBs. However, NoSQL DBs are not compatible, in general, with the SQL standard,and developers that use RDBs have to learn new models and access interfacesto develop Big Data-based applications. To deal with this problematic,approaches have been proposed to support the interoperability between SQLand NoSQL DBs. This work presents a comparative analysis of some relatedapproaches for all people interested in this subject. We also intend to contributeto the research for a relational-to-NoSQL data and operations' interoperabilitysolution.

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