Uma Abordagem Colaborativa de Modelagem Conceitual de Informação utilizando Mind Maps

Rafael DuarteJosé JúniorRuben AraújoFernando WanderleyMaria Lencastre

Recent studies have shown that the existence of a poor requirements elicitation or the lack of this activity, during the information system development, have generated a series of system failures and resulted in unsatisfied customers. Among several reasons, the no user participation in the conceptual modelling process stands out. Another important issue is considering the need for creating a conceptual model with the integration of various viewpoints, from different stakeholders. In this context, this paper has two main goals: the first one is trying to make the modeling process more inclusive for the customers/stakeholders, during the conceptual modeling, through the adoption of cognitive models such as Mind Maps; the second one, is trying to consolidate the multiple perspectives of the resulting conceptual models (each from a different stakeholder) using merge techniques. The expected result is to obtain ubiquitous conceptual models with higher quality.

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