NDR-Tool: Uma Ferramenta de Apoio ao Reuso de Conhecimento em Requisitos Não Funcionais

Alex Lins de AraújoLuiz Marcio CysneirosVera Maria B. Werneck

Non-functional requirements (NFR) are fundamental for the software development. The NFR- Framework allows the elicitation to deeply cover necessary trade-offs involving synergetic and conflicting solutions. It also favor the capture of design decisions involving the reasons that lead one to choose between one alternative and another to implement a NFR. This work proposes and describes the NDR-Tool, a tool that supports the software engineer in the requirements elicitation and modelling process. This tool proposes the use of ontologies and web semantics techniques to facilitate storing and retrieving knowledge related to possible alternatives to implement NFR. The tool NDRTool was developed and integrated with a tool for modeling NFR diagrams. As proof of concept we used the tool in the medical field.

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