A Semi-Automatic Strategy to Identify Crosscutting Concerns in PL-AOVgraph Requirement Models

Maíra MedeirosLyrene SilvaAna Luisa Medeiros

The Requirements Engineering area faces problems because the requirements are often ambiguous, incomplete or confusing. These points are commonly obscured by the natural language, which abstracts the complexity of interactions among requirements. However, these interactions need to be an alyzed because they influence on how the software development life-cycle activities can be modularized from a well formulated and concise requirements description. In this context, PL-AOVgraph is an aspect-oriented requirement modeling language, which offers support to represent relationships among concerns and provides separation of crosscutting concerns. However, in order to identify these crosscutting concerns in PL-AOVgraph, there are only some heuristics, which help analysts to perform this activity manually. Therefore, this paper proposes a semi-automatic strategy to identify crosscutting concerns in PL-AOVgraph models. This strategy is based on analysis of an adjacency ma-trix composed of the relationships among requirements. In order to evaluate this strategy, a case study is applied.

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