25 years of Requirements Engineering in Brazil: a systematic mapping

Karolyne OliveiraJoão PimentelEmanuel SantosDiego DermevalGabriela GuedesCleice SouzaMonique SoaresJaelson CastroFernanda AlencarCarla Silva

The celebration of 25th anniversary of the Brazilian Symposium of Software Engineering (SBES) as well as the forthcoming Requirements Engineering Conference to be held in Brazil for the first time, has led us to have a closer look at the local Requirements Engineering (RE) Community. A systematic mapping was performed in order to find out the main Brazilian research groups, authors as well as their topics of interest and publications with greatest impact. This information may be useful for those that do not know well the local requirements engineering community, such as local newcomers or foreign researchers. It may also help to identify potential groups for collaboration. Similarly, it may provide valuable information to assist local agencies when granting research funds.

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