Uma análise do Impacto do Intervalo de Tempo de Captura do Acelerômetro na Biometria baseada em gestos em dispositivos móveis usando Android

Paulo Fernando de Magalhães DreherLuciano Ignaczak

The application of behavioural biometrics for authentication on mobile devices has been demonstrated in several studies, which show the feasibility of using gestures for authenticating users in a system. However, little or no attention has been paid to the way the movement is exercised and the period between capture points of a gesture. This article aims to analyse the security of different intervals of capture of an accelerometer applied to gestures on mobile devices. The analysis of the intervals was realized through an experiment, based on an application developed for Android platform, where two types of movement and three different capture intervals of the accelerometer were executed. The findings demonstrate that by reducing the capture interval of accelerometer, the safety of the use of biometrics by gestures increases. The results also highlight the importance of using complex movements to make the authentication process less susceptible to attacks.

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