Um Sistema de Detecção de Ataques Sinkhole sobre 6LoWPAN para Internet das Coisas

Christian CervantesDiego PopladeMichele NogueiraAldri Santos

The networks of Internet of Things (IoT) are formed by heterogeneous objects and these objects have in general very limited resources. Thus, IoT networks are vulnerable to various attacks, being the attack sinkhole one of the most destructive. However, existing solutions to provide protection and securityagainst attacks sinkhole on IoT have high consumption of resources and employ complex mechanisms to ensure good performance. This paper proposes a system, called INTI (intrusion detection of sinkhole attacks on 6LoWPAN for IoT), to identify the presence of sinkhole attacks on the routing service of IoT. INTI aims to prevent, detect and isolate sinkhole attacks on routing within the IoT, while mitigating adverse effects. The system combines the use of watchdog, reputation and trust for detection of attackers, by analyzing the behavior of devices. Simulation results show the INTI performance and efficiency in terms ofattack detection rate, number of false positives and false negatives.

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