Um Mecanismo Agregador de Atributos Mediado pelo Cliente Alinhado ao Programa de E-GOV.BR

Marcondes MaçaneiroFábio ZozMichelle Silva Wangham

The use of multiple identity providers (IdPs) in IdM systems can bring benefits to users, especially regarding privacy of data. This paper describes an aggregation mechanism able to gather and to join users' attributes that are distributed in multiple IdPs. These attributes can be presented to providers that require attributes, which are not in a single IdP. The proposed mechanism is innovative in adopting a client-mediated approach, which makes use of an active client in the user's environment and follows the recommendations of the ePING architecture of's Program. The implementation results and the use of proposed mechanisms demonstrate that it gets more flexibility to a Gov Federation and also assures privacy without prejudicing the interoperability of E.Gov applications.

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