Software implementation of SHA-3 family using AVX2

Roberto CabralJulio López

The Keccak algorithm was the winner of the competition organized by NIST to choose the new standard hash algorithm, called SHA-3. In this work, we present the details of our software implementation in conformity with draft FIPS 202. We follow two approaches for the implementation of SHA-3, the first one computes the digest for a single message, and the other one computes in parallel four digests from four different messages. The performance for the single implementation was accelerated using vector instructions of 128/256 bits, and it is as fast as the best implementation optimized for 64 bits published on eBASH. The parallel implementation is about 2.5× faster than the single message implementation. The cryptographic primitive extendable-output functions, which is part of the draft FIPS 202, were also implemented.

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