Sistema Indicador de Resiliência na Conectividade de Redes Heterogêneas sem fio

Robson MeloMichele NogueiraAldri Santos

The dynamics and complexity of heterogeneous wireless networks difficult the development of adaptive security solutions to their conditions. The convergence of several communication technologies improves the connectivity, but they can also damage the availability of services on network. In this way, the network resilience is needed to tolerate the frequent disconnections, supporting the connectivity for several technologies. This paper presents an indicator system of security for heterogeneous wireless wireless networks sensitive fragility and robustness of connectivity. The system evaluates the criticality of communication links and redundant routes between devices on the network to indicate the degree of security of the different access networks in an environment of overlapping heterogeneous networks. The results show that evaluation of availability of connectivity were accurate and that the proposal can be applied in different types of networks, supporting the creation of solutions focused on resilience and security in heterogeneous wireless networks.

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