Segurança no Sensoriamento e Aquisição de Dados de Testes de Impacto Veiculares

Wilson S. Melo JrLuiz F. R. C. CarmoCharles PradoPaulo R. NascimentoLuci Pirmez

This paper deals with the cyber security of vehicular impact tests (crash tests). A model attack describes main attacks that can be launched against the sensing and data acquisition system. For each attack, it is described countermeasures based on methodologies already consolidated in the literature. However, one of the described attacks is related with the difficult on identify that the expected sensors were indeed inside the vehicle during the test. For this attack is presented an original idea which is the emission of a unique identifier for each sensor using a light device. The identifier is recovered using a camera already present in the test context. The idea feasibility is demonstrated on a practical experiment.

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