NPDI Find Porn: Uma Ferramenta para Detecção de Conteúdo Pornográfico

Ramon F. PessoaEdemir Ferreira de A. JuniorCarlos A. Caetano JuniorSilvio Jamil F. GuimarãesJefersson A. dos SantosArnaldo de A. Araújo

With the growing amount of content deemed inappropriate on the Internet, such as pornography, the need for this type of material filter came up. The reason for this is given by the fact that such content is often banned in certain environments (e.g., workplaces and schools), and especially when dealing with child pornography, considered one of the most reported virtual crimes in Brazil according to the site Safernet1. In recent years, many works of literature have been mainly focused on the detection of pornographic images and videos. This work presents a tool to detect pornographic content created from recent academic work developed by NPDI2 research group.

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