Illumination Inconsistency Sleuthing for Exposing Fauxtography and Uncovering Composition Telltales in Digital Images

Tiago CarvalhoHélio PedriniAnderson Rocha

Once taken as genuine for granted, photographs are no longer considered as a "piece of truth". With the advance of digital image processing and computer graphics techniques, it has been easier than ever to modify images and forge new realities within minutes. Unfortunately, most of the times, these modifications seek to deceive viewers, change opinions or even affect how people perceive reality. In this context, this Ph.D. thesis ( builds upon the hypothesis that "image illumination inconsistencies are strong and powerful evidence of image composition" and presents four original and effective approaches to detecting image composition. They explore illumination inconsistencies in different ways to detect image composition forgery and together they bring to the forensic community important contributions which certainly will be a strong tool against image forgeries.

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