Emparelhamentos e reticulados: estado-da-arte em algoritmos e parâmetros para as famílias mais flexíveis de sistemas criptográficos

Jefferson E. Ricardini

Public key cryptography is an area of knowledge undergoing intense research at present. Some cryptographic primitive families tend to be extremely prolific in terms of flexibility, efficiency and security, among then we find the pairings and the lattices. Because of their similar functionalities and their rare versatility within the whole area of cryptography despite their completely disparate nature, some authors proposed to call lattices "the new pairings," according to the chronological order by which they began to attract more vivid research interest. In this scenario, a comparative study between them is of reasonable interest, in particular on the advantages and disadvantages that thestate of the art reveals about the efficiency of each one. The thesis describedherein addresses this comparative study, and also contributes efficient pairingimplementation techniques, new parameters for building compact lattices and an innovative technique to instantiate lattices in practice.

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