Controle de acesso baseado em reencriptação por proxy em Redes Centradas em Informação

Elisa MannesCarlos MazieroLuiz Carlos LassanceFábio Borges

Information-centric networks (ICN) represent a promising approachto the Future Internet, addressing the shortcomings of the current Internet with a suitable infrastructure for content distribution. By naming, routing, and forwarding content instead of machine addresses, the ICN shift the protagonists at the network layer from hosts to contents. One implication is the in-network cache, which allows a better use of communication channels and faster delivery of content to the user. However, the ability to receive content from caches generates concerns about access control. In this context, we propose a solution for access control in ICN based on proxy re-encryption. The proposed solution ensures that only authorized users are able to access content, while maintaining the beneficial effects of caching in ICN, even in face of malicious entities.

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