Aplicações Seguras no uso de QR Code: Dois Estudos de Caso

Eduardo R. CostaJefferson O. AndradeKarin S. Komati

QR Codes simplify navigation in their mobile devices, however, this strategy exposes the users and even the system to several types of attacks, such as: fraud, cloned websites and SQL Injection. Therefore, security strategies should be adopted to avoid losses. On this context, the primary goal of this work is provide a QR Code safe utilization. This work presents two applications, the first is an association system between digitals and printed documents, which uses the message digest to verify the documents and keep the integrity of the association and, the second is a m-commerce system that uses encryption to maintain the secrecy of system input. Through the experiments results verified that these two strategies of security are effective when exists a malicious QR Code, making the graphic code utilization more safe and reliable.

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