Análise de Segurança de Conversores Serial-Ethernet e Microcontroladores Tibbo

Ildomar Gomes de Carvalho JuniorRafael R. Obelheiro

Microcontrollers and serial-to-Ethernet converters are used in industrial control systems for communication and control of devices. The malfunctioning of these components can result in damage both in equipments and in the manufacturing process of products, bringing risks to the physical integrity of people who operate machines that depends of these embedded systems. The growing integration of microcontrollers and serial-to-Ethernet converters to the Internet and the increase of vulnerabilities involving industrial control systems make the security of these devices become a more and more important feature. This article presents the use of fault injection techniques through the network to evaluate the security of the TCP/IP stack of the microcontroller and serial-to-Ethernet converter Tibbo EM1206. The procedure followed for this evaluation can be used to conduct similar evaluations.

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